February 10, 2016

Digital Marketing

My day job is as an SEO consultant. I feel this is a rather unknown and understood profession through many articles showing the industry in a poor light.

Total Radge Packet Search Snippet from Google

I’ve worked in the digital marketing industry for over 3 and a half years and enjoy every minute. I’m an expert in all technical and on page aspects of SEO with an intermediate but growing knowledge of the link building process. I’ve managed some large well known brands across several verticals both currently in Australia and when I worked in the UK.

As an SEO professional I have experience in several different digital marketing areas especially in PPC, product feeds and with the increasing social aspect of SEO I have good knowledge of creating and managing Social Media Campaigns.


If you require a helping hand in boosting your visibility in search results, boosting your conversion rate by looking at the Usability of a site or would like help devising a company wide digital marketing strategy please get in touch.